How do I switch between main greetings?

Main greetings are the recordings your callers hear when they first call in and reach your Apartment Lines service. You may record additional main greetings to use and then select which one you want to be the active main greeting. For instance, if you are open 8:30-5:30 during the winter, but change to 9-6 during Daylight Savings Time, you could record your different office hours on 2 separate main greetings and then switch between active greetings whenever there was a time change. However you cannot switch to a main greeting that has not yet been recorded. If you first need to record another main greeting, please see How do I record voicemail greetings?
‘Main Greeting 0’ is the Main Greeting that is recorded for you when you begin service
‘Main Greeting 1’ is the Main Greeting you can record yourself in addition to ‘Main Greeting 0’
You may have up to 9 versions of your main greeting, however only greetings 0 & 1 are included in the cost of your basic service. The others are available for a small added fee.
To switch your active Main Greeting from Main Greeting 0 to Main Greeting 1:

  1. Dial your Apartment Lines voicemail number.
  2. When you hear the greeting start, press the ‘*’ key.
  3. Enter your passcode, followed by the # key.
  4. Press 3 for Main Greetings and follow the audible prompts, which will be…
    1. Press 4 to change your active main greeting. At the prompt, enter the number of your new main greeting (example: 1).
    2. The prompt will advise you that your active main greeting has been changed to the greeting number you have selected. You can now hang up.