Our team
Scott Dunham

Scott Dunham – Founder

Scott has been in the answering service business since 1988, working in customer service, sales, bookkeeping, customer relations — you name it, he’s probably done it. Scott is patient and methodical, and finds a kind of serenity in his work.

When he is not at his desk, Scott can be found on hiking trails all along the front range in Colorado — sometimes leading his hiking group, and sometimes being led by his dog, Teddy. He also enjoys gardening and listening to audio books.

Chad Phillips – CEO

Chad became interested in computer programming back in junior high school, and has worked as a professional developer for more than 15 years. His primary focus has been in building complex software and computer systems, with specific expertise in voice communications and web software. He is highly security-conscious and tends towards being a perfectionist at work.

In his free time, Chad loves expanding his horizons; he has been a longtime meditator and practitioner of Vinyasa yoga, and he also donates a lot of his free time consulting on and writing software for open source projects. When he’s not in front of a computer you can find him drinking Kombucha Tea and playing his guitar.

Chad Phillips

Jul Gray

Jul Gray – Operations Manager

Jul’s background in Operations Management is in small business, nonprofits, and higher education with over 20 years of experience. Jul enjoys managing personnel, business issues, and optimizing processes to provide a smooth experience for customers and employees. Whatever the issue is she looks forward to helping you move into a solution!

When not behind the computer Jul travels in her Sprinter van, Willie, plays competitive Pickelball, dances, and enjoys time laughing with family and friends.

Diana Holman – Customer Service Manager

Diana has been working in the answering service industry for 36 years, and has been serving customers in some form or another since she was 15 years old. Her philosophy of treating others as she would want to be treated “at all times and in every aspect of my life” has served her, and Apartment Lines, quite well.

Back in the day, Diana used to love thrill-seeking activities like skiing, riding motorcycles, and jet skiing; now what makes her happiest is spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Diana Holman

Mary Ellen McCarry

Mary Ellen McCarry – Sales Development Manager

Mary Ellen is a veteran in sales and customer relations with close to 30 years of experience.

With 10 years service in the multifamily industry, she is well adept at helping our customers. Using a solutions-based sales approach, she often exceeds expectations.

When not closing her next deal, Mary Ellen enjoys nature, being active outdoors, gardening, and travel.