Service terms

Service terms

By signing a contract with Apartment Lines, you are agreeing to the following service terms, as specified in the contract.

These terms may change from time to time. If so, customers will be notified of the changes by email, to the primary email address listed on the account.


  • Invoices are sent approximately 30 days in advance
  • Invoices are due the first day of the month for which service is being billed.
  • Client understands that if the account is 30 days overdue, service may be interrupted for non-payment
  • Chronic late payers will be required to provide advance payment via ACH or credit card autopay
  • Provider will make a best effort to notify customers of any rate changes at least 60 days in advance

Message delivery

  • Customer agrees to keep contact information up to date with Provider, including:
    • Addition of new contacts
    • Removal of old, invalid contacts
    • Updates to contact information of existing contacts
    • Any rotating on-call schedules
  • Customer agrees to provide account updates through any of the following means:
  • Customer understands that if no valid contact information exists on the account, Provider reserves the right to immediately disable service until accurate contact information is provided
  • Excepting situations that involve imminent threat to life or property, Provider will attempt to deliver any messages a maximum of two times to each contact listed for the situation in question, and will cease attempting to deliver any messages that have not received a confirmation of delivery within 90 minutes


  • Customer understands that the provided forwarding number is confidential, and to be used for the purpose of forwarding Customer’s phone to Provider.
  • Provider reserves the right to change the forwarding number in cases of suspected abuse, and/or as necessary in order to provide optimal service
  • Customer agrees to use ONLY the forwarding number provided for forwarding phones to the service, and agrees that using any other Provider number for such purposes is a violation of the contract, and will result in immediate suspension of services
  • Customer agrees to use the service as designed, and as provided by Provider. Failure to do so indemnifies Provider for any liability for said misuse of service

If you have any questions about our service terms, please contact us.