Call forwarding
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There are two major kinds of call-forwarding:

  1. Standard Call-Forwarding
    a.k.a. Manual Call-Forwarding
    If you have the Standard Call-Forwarding feature from your telephone company, you may forward your phone to the answering service by dialing 72# (AT&T users) or *72 (Verizon and most other providers) followed by your assigned answering service number. To disable call-forwarding, dial 73# (AT&T users) or *73 (Verizon and most other providers).

  2. Automatic Call-Forwarding
    a.k.a. Fixed Call-Forwarding, Call-Forward No-Answer
    If you have the Automatic Call-Forwarding feature from your telephone company, you will need to contact a telephone company representative to configure your phones to forward to your assigned answering service number, and configure the number of rings before the phone is forwarded.
    Note: While automatic call-forwarding is convenient, it is also much less flexible. Apartment Lines recommends that all customers using Automatic Call-Forwarding also obtain Standard Call-Forwarding on their phones.

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