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Description of Flat-rate Basic service

The Basic service combines live operators with an advanced voicemail system. To use it, simply forward your office line to a number supplied by Apartment Lines (automatic call-forwarding is available upon request). Once on service, a customized greeting directs callers to leave a voice message for your office, or to press a key that transfers them to a live emergency operator. Live operators dispatch qualified emergency calls to the appropriate personnel. Non-emergency callers leave a voicemail message that can be sent to your email and/or retrieved by phone.

Optional Add-On Features*

  • Automatic call forwarding: FREE
    Your calls forward to the answering service whenever your line is unanswered by the 4th ring or all lines are busy.
  • Voicemail to e-mail: FREE
    All voicemail messages sent directly to your e-mail -- multiple addresses supported!
  • Daily call log:
    Live operator call records faxed or emailed daily.
  • Informational recording:
    Callers are given options to hear special recordings, such as leasing and property information.
  • Spanish menus:
    Callers may press a key to hear all greetings and prompts in Spanish. This includes access to Spanish-friendly operators for emergency calls.
  • Extra voice mailbox:
    Callers may leave separate voice messages (for example, a sub-property or a specific individual).
  • Extra call transfer:
    Callers may transfer to an outside line, such as an off-site leasing service or on-call leasing agent.
  • Extra selectable main greetings:
    Add additional, alternate main greetings, which can be selectively enabled (for example, one greeting with summer hours, one with winter hours).

* Apartment Lines also provides All-live service. To learn more, and to receive a flat-rate quote for your property, please speak with an Apartment Lines representative.

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