Reliable Hardware

Our network is housed in a state-of-the-art, high-availability telecommunications datacenter, fully equipped with redundant power and internet backbones. The network stack is fully redundant and continuously monitored – no single piece of hardware failure will disable the system. We also maintain a geographically separate backup location to ensure the highest possible level of service uptime.

Flexible, Scalable Software

Our customized voicemail system is developed and maintained in-house, built entirely from open-source software, which allows our company’s technical solutions to be flexible, powerful, scalable, and cost efficient. We utilize cutting-edge Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies to provide the highest quality phone experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony solutions – our system processes over 1.8 million minutes of voice traffic and 650,000 messages per year.

Multiple Call Centers

Unlike most traditional answering services which only have one brick and mortar call center, Apartment Lines utilizes multiple call centers at geographically separate locations throughout the country. A technical problem at any one call center will not result in a service outage, as we have the ability to instantly re-route your callers to an alternate call center.